Dara Humniski

Dara Humniski is a multi-instrumentalist with a diverse background encompassing fine art, industrial design and carpentry. Using the natural world as a starting point, Dara experiments with scale and media to assemble fictional worlds with open-ended narratives that express things... Read Bio

Patrick Arès-Pilon

Natif de la belle ville d’Edmonton, Patrick Arès-Pilon aime se promener dans les rues en contemplant la beauté innée du bruit, des tonalités et du mouvement entre les espaces présent. En création, Patrick s’intéresse à la préservation, à la désintégration... Read Bio

Brittney Roy

Brittney Roy is a visual artist that works various mediums including printmaking, digital photography, video and sound. Her current practice revolves around fragmentation of “normal” personal experiences. She is fascinated with the strange in the familiar. Born and raised in... Read Bio

Amanda McKenzie

Amanda McKenzie graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the University of Alberta majoring in Painting and Printmaking. Her work experiments with various printmaking techniques, photography, and collage. The use of fabric, patterns and found material interests her... Read Bio

Megan Stein

Megan Stein was born in Edmonton, Alberta and will be graduated from the University of Alberta in December 2012, with her Bachelors of Fine Arts specializing in Printmaking and Intermedia. She enjoys drawing cats, foxes and squirrels, often combining them... Read Bio

Eva Schneider

Eva Schneider has graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the University of Alberta in the spring of 2012 with an emphasis on Printmaking. Currently, she is the program manager of E4C ArtStart’s afterschool program and spends her... Read Bio

Jennifer Konanz

Jennifer Konanz studied Printmaking at the University of Alberta and received SNAP’s Artist in Residence Scholarship. She currently resides in Calgary. Read Bio