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Allison Tunis

Allison Tunis (she/they) is a visual artist living and working on Treaty 6 territory, in amiswaciwâskahikan (Edmonton). Allison has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta (2008) and a graduate diploma in art therapy from The Vancouver... Read Bio
In Community Residency 2023 Access Edition
Beyond RBC Futures Detail 2023

Mairead Charles

Mairead Charles (any pronouns) is a queer and disabled artist, caregiver, access worker, and educator living just north of Amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton, AB). Their background in advocacy and education work acts as an avenue to explore dynamics of care, community, and... Read Bio
In Community Residency 2023 Access Edition
Richard Boulet and Marilyn Olson nickle galleries

Richard Boulet

Richard Boulet lives and works in Edmonton. He holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Architecture (1983) and a BFA (1987) both from the University of Manitoba School of Art, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, as well as an MFA (2006) from... Read Bio
In Community Residency 2023 Access Edition
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Sylvie Ellis

Sylvie Ellis (she/they) I am a disabled, queer, Ukrainian, white settler artist currently studying in Amiskwacîwâskahikan, treaty 6 territory (Edmonton). My practice examines the intersections of identity, the body, and mental health.  My creative practice speaks about personal stories, diverse... Read Bio
In Community Residency 2023 Access Edition

Jason Purcell

Jason Purcell is a writer from amiskwacîwâskahikan, Treaty 6 (Edmonton, Alberta). They are the author of A Place More Hospitable (Anstruther Press) and Swollening (Arsenal Pulp Press) and are co-owner of Glass Bookshop. Instagram: @jasonvpurcell Website: The In Community... Read Bio
In Community Residency 2023 Access Edition
Devin Cypher Quail Print

Devin Cypher

My name is Devin Cypher and I am a print and textile artist. Born and raised in the Edmonton area, I come from a mixed-race family and have spent the majority of my life in rural Alberta and the outskirts... Read Bio
2022/2023 Emerging Artist in Residence
An art installation featuring a wood board with images of hands engraved on it, with flat round pieces of dough laid out on the surface.

Yilu Xing

Yilu Xing is an artist based in amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton) in the Treaty 6 region of Alberta. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta University of the Arts with a major in Printmaking and a minor in ceramics. As of... Read Bio
2022/2023 Emerging Artist in Residence
Study 1 Ana Mendieta Where Are You: a black and white print depicting a nude person lying on the ground in a wooded area, on top of a row of deer antlers.

Helen Gerritzen

Helen Gerritzen lives and works in Edmonton/ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ (amiskwacîwâskahikan). Her work uses objects to evoke a feminist interpretation of iconography, symbol and myth relating to the female body in old and new stories. Gerritzen received an MFA from the University of... Read Bio
2023 SuperTrain Artist in Residence
A Thousand Dots are Blue: The silhouette of a leaf in dark, navy blue on light beige, textured paper. The serrated edge of the leaf is slightly worn, and within the silhouette are many small, faint circles within the heavy blue.

Kyla Fischer

Kyla Fischer received her Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of Alberta in 2007. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in such countries as Turkey, Germany, and India and has received several artist residencies in... Read Bio
2023 SuperTrain Artist in Residence
Roger Garcia example of work featuring a red and pink illustration of a mechanical robot with a fox head

Roger Garcia

Roger Garcia is a self taught freelance illustrator and art educator based out of Edmonton Alberta who works in acrylics, gouache, ink and digital media.  Aside from his own art making, Roger is involved in the Edmonton arts community giving... Read Bio
2023 SuperTrain Artist in Residence
Work by Michelle Campos in a gallery, featuring two white walls with murals painted. The murals are laid out like comic panels, detailing Michelle's experience in the aftermath of an earthquake in Salvador.

Michelle Campos Castillo

Michelle Campos Castillo is a Salvadoran visual artist living in Edmonton. She has been the recipient of several public art commissions from the City of Edmonton, including Platanos, a set of three sculptures on permanent display at Belvedere Transit Centre,... Read Bio
2023 SuperTrain Artist in Residence
Creator Knows, an abstract work of layered lines and colours flowing in uninterrupted curves like wavy ripples

Ambrose Cardinal

Niapahkewsimowin Pahpimohtet ninehiyawihon (One Who Walks With the Sundance is my Cree name), ekwa Ambrose Cardinal nitsikason (but my "name" is Ambrose Cardinal). I am a multidisciplinary Métis and Cree artist and Oskapewis, hailing from Amiskwaciwâskahikan. The origins of my... Read Bio
2023 SuperTrain Artist in Residence
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Elise Futoransky

Elise Futoransky is an emerging artist living and practicing on Treaty 6 territory in Edmonton, AB. As of 2021 she is a graduate from the University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Her work is sourced primarily in printmaking... Read Bio
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Callum McKenzie

Callum McKenzie (he/they) is an Edmonton-based emerging artist, designer and art framer. They earned their Bachelor of Design in Printmaking from the University of Alberta. Callum's art practice draws on his experiences as a queer, non-binary person with ADHD. Through... Read Bio
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Carolyn Gerk

I am a self taught artist and mother living on Treaty 8 land. I work in a variety of physicalmediums, including watercolor, ink, linocut and mixed media fiber arts. My work focuses largely onfeminism, social issues, literature, film and the... Read Bio
Northern AB Artist in Residence - Summer 2022