May 8 - Jun 5, 2021 in Gallery A, Gallery B

Presenting UNREALITY NOW, a virtual exhibition featuring new works by students in the 2021 University of Alberta senior printmaking class. The exhi...

You see what you don’t see

St Marie φ Walker

Oct 28 - Nov 21, 2020

You see what you don’t see explores beliefs that influence our perception of value. The work surveys how an environmental space contains assumptions...

MACROMAREAL (a rising tide lifts all boats)

Sydney Lancaster & Scott Smallwood

Sep 12 - Oct 10, 2020

MACROMAREAL (a rising tide lifts all boats) approaches the tidal range of the Bay of Fundy and its documentation in tide tables and real data thro...

Literary Leavings

Brianna Tosswill

Jul 25 - Aug 29, 2020 in Gallery A

Through her book artist’s practice (Penrose Press) Brianna Tosswill navigates collaborative book-making, and stretches her viewers/readers’ notion...

Hold Me Dear

Haylee Fortin

Jul 25 - Aug 29, 2020 in Gallery B

"Two years ago while searching for images relevant to my painting practice, I came across the Alberta Hunting Addicts forum on facebook. I had assumed...


Jason Abma

Jun 20 - Jul 18, 2020 in Gallery A

"Hauntology suggests that our perception of the future is only conceivable by acting in retrospect to the past.1 My work presents a hypothetical futu...

In Place | Print Exchange 2020

SNAP Members

Jun 20 - Jul 18, 2020 in Gallery B

This year’s print exchange invited artists to engage with the ways that everyday life has been disrupted by the global pandemic, and to use this dis...

Incidental Folds

University of Alberta Printmaking Students

May 21 - Jun 28, 2020 in Gallery A, Gallery B

This exhibition celebrates the fruits of a year of self-directed studio and academic research by ten undergraduate senior level printmaking students, ...

Horizon Line/Base Line

James Boychuk-Hunter

Mar 14 - Apr 25, 2020 in Gallery A

This body of work stems from an interest in the geometry of letterforms and design associated with typography. Through Print, my aim is to ponder and ...

Residual Assets (skipped steps)

Andrea Pinheiro

Mar 13 - Apr 25, 2020 in Gallery B

Residual Assets (skipped steps) is distilled from experience of place intertwined with consideration of the complex histories of land, objects, and m...

SNAP Members Show & Sale 2019

SNAP Members

Nov 23 - Dec 14, 2019

Get prints. Give prints. Curious to see what artists are making in our Printshop? Looking for that perfect gift? Want to deck your halls or spruce up...

The Rest and the Void

Christeen Francis

Oct 11 - Nov 16, 2019

"The Rest and the Void is an immersive installation composed of large scale black and white woodcuts that reflect the changing city environment; disjo...

Affective Bodies

LeeAnne Johnston

Oct 11 - Nov 16, 2019

"The internal landscape of the body is a complicated space. Through their work, LeeAnne represents the layers of scars and wounds inflicted upon our p...


Amery Sandford

Aug 23 - Sep 28, 2019

"Primarily working in screen printing and lithography, I contemplate the ways Canadian history and contemporary society are fabricated through master ...

Microbial Aura

Nicole Edmond

Aug 23 - Sep 28, 2019

Microbial Aura is a series of prints exploring the human micro-biome. This work is an investigation of how a microbial cloud follows us everywhere...


Kristie MacDonald

Jul 5 - Aug 10, 2019

People are evidenced on paper throughout their homes and across their personal and professional lives. We keep paper intentionally and as the result o...

Costume Jewelry

Max Keene

Jul 5 - Aug 10, 2019

The exhibition Costume Jewelry utilizes large format analog photography to depict highly constructed scenes made up of found and sculpted objects. Que...

Layering Light

Marc Siegner

May 17 - Jun 22, 2019

In Layering Light I have assembled a series of portraits that embody qualities of light and colour utilizing reflection and depth of field to construc...

In the Absence of Knowing

Deltra Powney

May 17 - Jun 22, 2019

This exhibition explores the theme of sensed tension within liminal space. Memory, story, object, natural, and manmade environments inform narrative w...

Air Bags

Michael McInnis

May 17 - Jun 22, 2019

On display in the SNAP Printshop window on Jasper Avenue....

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