Rental Admission Interview

Please fill out the Printshop Rental Admission Form and interview questions to give information regarding your experience, skills, and rental plans. You will be required to submit a portfolio review consisting of 3 to 6 pieces of original print work.*

After the Admission Interview form is received the Printshop & Programs Coordinator will be in touch by email within a week to go over rental options and to schedule an orientation. At this time you will be notified if further classes or training are recommended before renting (options will be discussed so you can prepare for reapplication and future rental access)

*SNAP is committed to being inclusive and supportive of all applicants and individuals, SNAP Staff will work to provide alternative opportunities if there are barriers to the outlined procedures. If you prefer to have the Admission Interview in person or by an alternative method please contact [email protected]

As mentioned on the Printshop Access page, admission for rental access to SNAP Printshop is assessed through the discretion of the Printshop & Programs Coordinator. Please follow the steps below to start the process of admission. If you have any questions or concerns you may email [email protected] 


  • The orientation (for new or returning renters) will take 60 minutes and will cover the Printshop Procedures, Health & Safety, the Rental Agreement, and the New Renter Orientation Package.
  • At the time of the orientation individuals must be prepared to address their technical proficiency and competence in their chosen print medium as well as go through their planned use of the Printshop equipment and facilities.
  • During the orientation the Printshop & Programs Coordinator will grant rental access based on the applicant’s skills and experience.* Renters will fall under two access categories, Limited Access and Unlimited Access.
  • Please note that if you are a new renter you must complete SNAP’s Introductory Period Program before given full access to Printshop facilities and equipment.

*The decision of the Printshop and Programs Coordinator is final. Applicants may reapply if needed three to six months from first application. Applicants are encouraged to register for an Education Program at SNAP, attend Open Studio, or schedule a Mentorship Program to improve their skills and experience.

Orientation Schedule

Orientations will be offered 2 to 3 times a month, dates and times are subject to availability due to staff and printshop schedules. Other times can be scheduled between Thursday-Saturday between 10 am – 6 pm with the Printshop & Programs Coordinator as needed.

Weekly times for Orientations
Thursdays1 to 2pm4 to 5pm
Saturdays11am to 12pm4 to 5pm