The In Community Residency: Access Edition invites a cohort of mad, neurodivergent, sick, disabled and/or chronically ill queer artists to expand their community-based research practices and visual artistic skills through a 3-month residency at SNAP.

This initiative asks each participant to reflect on what ‘access as materiality’ means to their individual artistic and community-based research practices. Artists are encouraged to reflect on how to build meaningful, sustainable relationships with their bodyminds, their research practices, and their community.

The goal of the In Community Residency: Access Edition is to support the practice of local artists and provide new opportunities to a community profoundly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative also encourages the SNAP community to think through access as a collaborative and connective tool in the printshop, neighbouring communities, and online worlds we inhabit and create in.

The In Community Artist Residency is made possible by the Edmonton Arts Council’s Connections and Exchanges Organizational Initiatives Grant.

Artists in residence:

Jason Purcell
April – June 2023

Sylvie Ellis
Mid April – Mid July 2023

Richard Boulet
June – August 2023

Mairead Charles
Mid June – Mid August 2023

Allison Tunis
October – December 2023

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