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This year marks 40 years of community-building, printmaking experimentation, and artistic excellence at SNAP.  We’re grateful and excited to be able to celebrate SNAP’s 40th Anniversary in the coming weeks, and we hope you’ll join us!

SNAP at 40: Anniversary Fundraiser

On Friday, August 12 2022, join us for an evening of art-making, music, and community as we celebrate the opening of our SNAP at 40: Anniversary Showcase and the launch of the Future Forwards Project.

SNAP at 40: Anniversary Showcase

2022 marks a milestone of 40 years of operation at SNAP. The SNAP archive hosts over a thousand works donated by printshop renters and members since 1982. We’ve selected a variety of prints that showcase prolific skill, methods, and techniques, as well as are indicative of the time that they were created in. This exhibition is a glimpse into the breadth of this archive, and is meant to be a jumping-off point for one to reflect on SNAP’s long history of printmaking and community in Edmonton.

40th Anniversary Print Portfolio

In support of SNAP’s 40th anniversary fundraising goals 4 SNAP community members – April Dean, Amanda McKenzie, Luke Johnson, and Marc Seigner – took on the task of coordinating 4 group portfolios. Each group portfolio features 10 artists across a broad range of career stage, locale, and past, present, and future ties with SNAP. We are immensely grateful for the incredible work of the project coordinators as well as the contributing artists, and we are excited to share their work with the community.

Future Forwards

Future Forwards looks toward emerging and prominent Black artists in the Edmonton, Montréal, and Toronto communities to showcase diverse perspectives and exemplary skill. SNAP has commissioned four new limited edition prints by Black Artists in Canada as part of this great new project.

Featured artists:
Braxton Garneau
Raneece Buddan
Khadijah Morley
Anna Jane McIntyre