Call for Contributors: Upcoming Issues

SNAPline is our publication focused on printmaking and contemporary art writing, and is published three times annually. We are interested in hearing your ideas on topics related to printmaking that engage, critique, and/or challenge our notions of print works. Contributions could include: editorials or essays; exhibition, book, or film reviews; artist interviews or profiles; visual essays, illustrations, or comics…and more. Each publication has a specific theme; you’re invited to pitch us an idea to the theme that interests you. We look forward to hearing from you!

2024.1: Silence/Noise

Despite printmaking being a visual medium, its creation is rarely without noise. The process itself can become a symphony. The low crackle of ink on a roller. The creak of a press. The shuffle of paper. Music blasted through tinny speakers or leaking through Bluetooth headphones. Conversations, and critiques, and praise filtering in and out of earshot. Finished work can be noisy visually- a mishmash of textures, or text, or colour. However, the world can take on a hidden stillness when alone in the studio. It is a serene quiet that some artists prefer, opting to work in the purity of the moment without distraction. In that contemplative place, creatives turn inward. Quiet work invites us to ponder more subtle messages- those often blasted over in the overstimulation of our busy lives. Without its absence, noise loses meaning. Without noise, silence can become static. There is a fine line to be struck between silence and noise, and we invite you to explore this interconnection in our next issue of SNAPline.

For the 2024.1 edition of SNAPline, we welcome a broad range of contributions, from articles to interviews to visual essays to illustrations and comics on the topic of Silence/Noise.

Send your pitch to [email protected], following the submission guidelines below.

Pitch submission deadline (updated): February 28, 2024

Draft deadline: March 25
Final copy deadline: April 1
Publishing: Late April

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Submission Guidelines

Submit your pitch by email to [email protected] 

For written contributions, pitch us an idea (300 words or less), expressing how the proposed writing (1500 words or less) would engage with the issue’s theme, along with samples of previous writing.

For visual contributions, provide a pitch (300 words or less) outlining how the content (a set of images with a statement of 500 words or less) would engage with the issue’s theme, along with up to three .jpeg images of the work proposed or, if the work is in progress, examples of previous works.

You must follow these guidelines in your pitch:

  • Mention the format of your proposed work (written contribution, visual essay, single illustration, comic, interview, etc)
  • Include the proposed word count and/or image count. If proposing a comic, include proposed page count. Approximate numbers are fine.
  • Attach your pitch and samples as google docs files if possible, or pdf files.
  • Optional: Include a bio or tell us about yourself.

Note for visual contributions: Final images must be in .TIFF, .JPEG, or PDF with a minimum resolution of 300dpi. Final publication page size is limited to 8.5”h x 5.5”w or a spread of 8.5”h x 11”w.

Contributor fees

Contributor fees range from $350 – $600 based on page number / word count / total available budget

Any questions? Please contact: [email protected]