EricaVaskevicius NorthSTAR all
NorthSTAR by Erica Vaskevicius, SNAPline Commission 2020.3.

Our publication, SNAPline, is created around a theme or topic and engages a wide range of written and visual contributions from artists and writers.

The SNAPline print commission program has attracted local, national and international emerging and established artists working in a variety of printmaking media. It encourages a broad interpretation of the print while disseminating diverse examples of fine art printmaking to our SNAPline members.

For each issue of SNAPline, one print artist is commissioned to produce a large edition (or a few smaller editions to create a series) of 8″ x 10″ prints which engage with the theme of the issue. We aim to commission work by one local, one national, and one international print artist this year. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to be considered as a SNAPline artist.

Your submission will be kept on file. After the themes for the year are selected by the SNAPline committee, the committee goes through a brainstorming session for artists who would be a good fit. You will be contacted if the team finds a good match between one of the issues and your body of work. 

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