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Admission for access to the SNAP Printshop is assessed through an interview with the Printshop and Programs Coordinator.

Rental Access Requirements

In order to access the SNAP Printshop Facilities all artists must fulfill the following requirements:
  1. Experience & Training

    • Artists must have sufficient technical knowledge, printmaking experience, and appropriate skills for their chosen print medium. Required experience:
      • Intermediate or advanced level post-secondary or equivalent training with specialization in printmaking OR
      • Have taken printmaking courses at other organizations and have learned the fundamentals of working safely and independently in their chosen print medium OR
      • Have successfully completed (at minimum) a 6-week introductory class at SNAP and have demonstrated the necessary skills and knowledge to work independently
    • SNAP Printshop is intended for the usage by individuals who are capable of working safely and independently. Please see SNAP’s mandate, mission, values, and vision for more information:
    • Technical staff are available during office hours, but they are not meant to serve as one on one support and are not available outside of office hours.
    • Artists must have recent experience and have actively practiced printmaking or related print media within the last five years *Artists can undergo training and participate in SNAP’s Education Programs, Open Studio sessions, or Mentorship Programs to acquire the skills and autonomy necessary to fulfill SNAP’s Printshop Rental Access requirements.
  2. SNAP Membership

    • Printshop Rental Access is granted to members of SNAP
    • Must be a current member in order to rent
  3. Completed an Admission Interview and Orientation

    • To proceed with your rental access admission ensure that you have filled out the Rental Admission Interview and meet for an orientation with the Printshop & Programs Coordinator. Any questions or concerns can be directed to [email protected]

Click here to learn about the Rental Admission Process

Levels of Access

At the Admissions Interview and Orientation the Printshop and Programs Coordinator will grant access based on the applicant’s skills and experience. Renters will fall under two access categories, after completing the Introductory period:

Introductory Period

  • All new renters must complete SNAP’s Introductory Period before given full access to Printshop facilities and equipment. New renters are not automatically given full access to the facilities (ie. key fob and alarm procedures) and will have a introductory period placed on the hours they can access the space (ie. Limited Access hours during office hours)
  • New renters will be asked to work as often as possible during Printshop & Programs Coordinator office hours (Generally Tue/Wed/Thurs/Sat 10 – 6 pm) until you have completed the Introductory Period Program and are able to work safely and independently with SNAP’s Rules of Conduct. *
  • Artists are eligible to request Unlimited Access to be given a key fob and alarm procedures once they have completed approximately 4 to 6 weeks of regular Printshop use or equivalent experience through attendance in a Mentorship Program or Open Studio sessions.

*If the Introductory Period Program poses issues in regards to scheduling or an artist’s deadline please be in touch to discuss possible options. 

Limited access

  • The Limited Access category allows an artist to have access to the shop during the Printshop & Programs Coordinator’s office hours.
  • Day use only during the Printshop & Programs Coordinator office hours (Generally Tue/Wed/Thurs/Sat 10 – 6 pm)
    *Hours are subject to change and limited access is to be scheduled in advance.
  • Granted to artists with limited printmaking experience
  • Artists are eligible to request Unlimited Access to be given a key fob and alarm procedures once they have shown further printmaking experience and technical ability, at that time the Printshop & Programs Coordinator will determine whether they can receive Unlimited Access.

Unlimited access

  • The Unlimited Access category allows an artist with sufficient printmaking experience and technical knowledge to have 24 hour access.
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week access
  • Granted to those who have the appropriate level of experience and who can work safely and independently
  • The decision of the Printshop and Programs Coordinator is final. Applicants may reapply if needed six months from first application. Applicants are encouraged to take an Education Program at SNAP or attend Open Studio to improve their skills and experience.

Want to start renting but not ready yet?

SNAP has options to assist you!

Brand New to Printmaking?

Take one of SNAP’s classes or workshops to learn the basic skills needed to succeed in printmaking (link to Course page). Or schedule a One-to-One Session if the classes don’t fit your schedule or needs. Learn More

Needing more experience?

If you do not feel comfortable working safely or independently SNAP recommends that you take a workshop, professional development session, or attend an Open Studio session to gain more experience and skills. Another option is to schedule a Tailored Printmaking Session to work specifically on your project and training.

Almost ready to rent but need a refresher?

Have you been out of the printshop for awhile? Or are you a recent student but want to gain more experience? Consider attending an Open Studio Session  to get working at SNAP Printshop and feeling comfortable in a new studio environment. Or schedule a Mentorship session with a SNAP technician to get you on the path to renting.