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During one of SNAP’s Tailored Printmaking Programs you will receive one-on-one instruction with a highly qualified SNAP Artist Instructor and a tailor-made print program to suit your needs, desired outcome, and budget. Enjoy personalised training sessions to learn skills at your preferred pace and complete your project plans in a supportive environment.

These sessions are appropriate for all levels, beginners to trained printmakers alike! Past participants include professional artists, designers, illustrators, educators, creative business owners, post-secondary students, and those new to printmaking.

Choose from the type of Tailored Printmaking Program that best suits your needs, project plans, and experience level to expand your skills and to become comfortable and experienced in order to use the facilities at SNAP Printshop independently.

For details about which Tailored Printmaking Program is the best fit for your needs see below. If you have further questions please contact the Printshop & Programs Coordinator by emailing [email protected] or phoning 780-423-1492.

*Note: All of SNAP’s Programs (including the Tailored Printmaking Programs) are intended for adults (aged 18+), however arrangements can be made for youth (aged 13+) to take part with parent or guardian participation. 

Tailored Printmaking Program Information

All Tailored Printmaking Programs require that participant(s) are members to be able to work in SNAP’s printshop. For more information regarding membership please click here.

One to One Tailored Sessions

  • Ideal for beginners wanting to learn a specific technique or skills and to have one-to-one support.
  • A minimum of 6 hours is required for this program, sessions can be any number of length (i.e. 2 sessions each at 3 hours, or 4 sessions each at 2 hours).
  • One to One Tailored Sessions are set at a rate of $60/hour.
  • Materials and supplies will be charged in addition and determined when booking.

Group Tailored Sessions

  • Ideal for 2 or more individuals wanting to learn the same skills and techniques.
  • This program is intended for groups who have agreed upon the same skills, project plans, and schedule.
  • For groups of 2 to 3 people, sessions can be booked for a minimum of 6 hours at a set rate of $55/hour per person.
  • For groups of 4 to 8 people, sessions can be booked for a minimum of 6 hours at a set rate of $50/hour per person.
  • Materials and supplies will be charged in addition and determined when booking.

Mentorship Tailored Sessions

  • Ideal for artists who require a refresher or assistance while working at SNAP Printshop.
  • This program is intended for artists who have printmaking experience in the chosen medium and require additional help with technique, becoming comfortable working in a new environment, and/or for expanding their existing skills.
  • Mentorship Tailored Sessions can focus on intermediate or advanced techniques and skill learning, as well as troubleshooting and tips.
  • Sessions can be booked for a minimum of 1 hour up to 5 hours at a set rate of $40/hour.* Participants must be a SNAP member.
  • The Artist must have their own materials and tools for the session, or applicable supply fees will be charged.

*If the price of the Mentorship is prohibitive and is causing you to not be able to further your printmaking advancement, please let SNAP Staff know to discuss options such as scholarship opportunities and volunteer hour exchange. 

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Tailored Programs and Projects

SNAP has a wide variety of processes and techniques that you can choose from when booking a Tailored Printmaking Program.

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Booking Procedures & Fees

How to Book

  1. First fill out the form with information regarding your project plans, desired outcomes, availability, and contact information. Tailored Printmaking Program Booking Request Form
  2. Within a week SNAP’s Printshop & Programs Coordinator will put you in touch with the Artist Instructor to work out scheduling and plans.
  3. Once the program has been finalized by the Artist Instructor and participant(s), the Printshop & Programs Coordinator will send a contract to be signed along with an invoice of a minimum 50% non-refundable deposit.

Fees & Materials

The total cost of a Tailored Printmaking Program depends on your chosen program, what you wish to learn and achieve, and the materials needed. We request a minimum amount of hours for each program. Details will be discussed with the SNAP Artist Instructor and then finalized with the Printshop & Programs Coordinator prior to the start of your program.

The hourly rate covers the instruction, facility use, and administration costs only; supply and materials fees will be an additional cost and will be dependent upon your program and specific printmaking process.

A material and supply list will be sent during the planning process so participants can decide if they wish to supply their own items or pay a fee to use SNAP’s.