Andrew Benson

Andrew Benson is an illustrator, designer and printmaker based in Edmonton. He is inspired by comic books, photocopied textures, wobbly lines, punk rock records, and scribbled type. He has worked in advertising agencies, grimy print shops and everywhere in between. He is also the Events Chair on the Graphic Designers of Canada Alberta North board and a frequent contributor and instructor at SNAP.

Bernie Paetz

Bernadette Paetz is an independent artist working in Edmonton, Alberta. She is a frequent collaborator with apparel designer Malorie Urbanovitch. Her solo work includes printmaking, collage and drawing.

Blaine Campbell

Blaine Campbell is an Alberta-based artist working in photography, sculpture, and inter-media. Areas of interest include landscape use and modification, mediation and artifice, and parallels between processes of abstraction and visualization in science and art. A 2007 graduate of Emily Carr Institute with a B.F.A. in photography, he previously completed B.Math. and M.Sc. degrees in mathematics. He is represented by Republic Gallery in Vancouver.

Since 2006 Blaine has also worked as a commercial photographer, specializing in documentation of artwork and exhibitions. He has worked with numerous individual artists, as well as institutions such as the Art Gallery of Alberta, Vancouver Art Gallery, Rennie Collection, Remai Modern, and SFU Galleries. His photos have appeared in books and magazines including Momus, Canadian Art, ArtNews, Wallpaper*, Monte Cristo, Mousse, and C Magazine.

Darcy Paterson

Darcy Paterson first learned Photoshop before there was an “undo” button. Resilient, Paterson carried on learning and has since used Photoshop in art, animation and design. Previous to this he taught at the Art Institute of Vancouver and is now excited to share his knowledge with SNAP students. He works as a designer.

Wendy Tokaryk

Wendy Tokaryk has devoted her artistic practice to exploring and developing skills in a wide range of contemporary and historic printmaking mediums, as well as the craft of handmade paper. Wendy Tokaryk received an MFA (printmaking) from the University of Calgary, a Studio Art honours degree (BFA with distinction), and a BA Honours in Art History from the University of Saskatchewan. Her projects and exhibitions have been supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Canada Council for the Arts. Wendy is the Print & Paper Facilitator supporting Visual Arts Residencies at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Mitchell Chalifoux

Mitchell Chalifoux is an Edmonton-based emerging artist working in print and craft. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction from the University of Alberta, with a focus in printmaking and intermedia, and recently completed the Emerging Artist in Residence program at the Society of Northern Alberta Print-artists. His first solo exhibition will turn the gallery into a living room filled with touchable domestic furnishings performing in drag. His art practice is invested in textiles, gendered labour, and expanding definitions of masculinities, and while not making art, he spends his time baking and longing for summer blooms.

Robin Smith Peck

Robin Smith Peck (MVA University of Alberta) has spent most of her career in northern Canada. She grew up in Goose Bay, Labrador and has taught printmaking in the remote communities of Holman, Cape Dorset and Iqaluit. Originally born in Newfoundland, and now residing in Alberta, Robin Smith-Peck has exhibited her artwork across Canada and internationally.

Angela Snieder

Angela Snieder is an artist and educator living in Edmonton, Alberta. She received her BFA from York University in Toronto, Ontario and has recently completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking at the University of Alberta. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, and has taught both in the University and in the wider community. Her art practice is based primarily in photography methods and photo-based printmaking, and explores themes of land and place and the relationships between physical and psychological spaces.

Max Keene

Max Keene is an artist based in Edmonton, Alberta. He is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta BFA program, with focus in printmaking and intermedia. Working primarily in installation and with a variety of photographic processes, Max’s work deals with how our experience of the everyday is shaped by artifice and structures (both physical and societal).

Caitlin Bodewitz

Mixed-media printmaker, Caitlin Bodewitz, pushes the boundaries of traditional silkscreening by incorporating this practice with photo transfers, graphite drawings, and works solely on birch wood. Deeply rooted in an unique upbringing in the isolated mountain community of Powder King in northern BC, Bodewitz decided to pursue her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with Honours in Printmaking at the University of Calgary. Her contemporary canadiana artwork explores concepts of natural versus geometric structures, seeking a balance between the two opposing worlds. All materials, themes, and process reflect a conscious effort to be mindful of the land we walk.

Phoebe Todd-Parrish

Phoebe Todd-Parrish is a visual artist and graduate student at the University of Alberta where she is an MFAcandidate specializing in print making. Originally from Toronto, after completing her undergraduate BFA she went on to complete her MA in English Literature at York University, moving to Edmonton in 2016. She enjoys taking her art practice, which explores various media- from installation to animation- to as many places as possible, drawing inspiration from the mundane and the extraordinary in equal parts.

Richard Borowski

Richard Borowski was born in Edmonton, Alberta. He completed a B.Ed. (Art major) at the University of Alberta in 1974 and spent thirty two years as an art educator in the public school system working with students from grades 7 to 12. After retiring in 2008, he has spent his time working with acrylic and oil paint and printmaking with copper plate etchings, linocuts and woodcuts. His work is exhibited in the Edmonton area.

Cate Kuzik

Cate Kuzik is a local artist with a passion for traditional handmade techniques in this increasingly digital age. While eager to explore a variety of craft & printmaking techniques, she often finds herself returning to the mechanical, tactile nature of Letterpress.

Her work tends to explore the interpretation of language and frequently employs hand-drawn, carved typography or sign language with a bold graphic aesthetic.

Never accused of using to many neutrals, Cate’s creative energy and down-to-earth nature is immediately evident in her fun and colourful creations.

She is based in Edmonton and is the creative force the drives Ochre Lea (“oh-kerr-lee”). Her posters and stationery feature a combination of her own hand-carved images with handset antique lead and wood type. Her work has a bold graphic aesthetic & often employs her own drawn, carved typography and geometric patterns.

Sally Mayne

Sally Mayne is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art & Design where she majored in printmaking. Her primary interest lies in the integration between printmaking and other mediums, including installation, video, photography and performance. She is passionate about how art plays a role in personal wellness, community involvement and education. Now living back in her hometown, Sally is thrilled to be a member of and teacher at SNAP and engaging with fellow Edmonton artists!

Kelsey Stephenson

Kelsey Stephenson is an artist working primarily within print media, and is currently a printmaking instructor at the Alberta College of Art + Design, alternating between working in Edmonton and Calgary in her art practise. Kelsey received her BDes from the University of Alberta in 2011, and her MFA at the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville in 2016.

Kelsey’s work has been presented in numerous international exhibitions, most recently including the 2018 Okanagan Print Triennial, the 2nd International Print Biennial Łódz, the International Print Triennial Krakow–Falun 2016, and the 2017 Delta National Small Prints Exhibition (winning a Chancellor’s Purchase Award). Her work was also recently featured within a small group exhibition at the Robert F. Agrella Art Gallery in California, and as a solo presentation at the Rowe Gallery at UNC Charlotte in North Carolina, The Gallery at CASA in Lethbridge, as well as in Edmonton. Her work focuses on place based memory — the shifts within place, landscape and people that occur over time as each interacts with the other, both altering, and transforming the other.