Issue: 2020.2


Art and waste are inextricably tied together in ways painfully obvious and also in subtle, philosophical modes that deserve deeper consideration. Waste is everywhere and inescapable, but can it have value? And if it has value, is it waste? This publication of SNAPline offers a glimpse into these relationships and into rethinking waste from multiple perspectives, but this is just the tip of the garbage pile. Once we begin to see waste as a reflective surface, a process of deeper systems understanding, we’ll have a hard time unseeing ourselves in it. Our deepest thanks to the artists, students, writers, and editors who took time to contribute and reflect on the ideas within the SNAPline Waste edition. Cover image: JP King, Tomorrow’s Gold, Split edition of 100, Risograph print, Aqua, Bubblegum, yellow ink, VIA Vellum 80# Warm white, 2020.

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Drawing Garbage image

Drawing Garbage

Intro by Alexandra Fischer The genre of still life imagery is one that makes the commonplace objects that surround our everyday lives immortally captured in an image. In the past still life was closely linked with concepts of memento mori,...

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Recreate Waste image

Recreate Waste

Written by Caitlin Bodewitz Globally, humans produce 2.12 billion tons of waste per year.1 At the exact moment I am writing this, it is estimated that we currently need 1.76130284460 Earth’s to provide resources, cope with our waste, and support...

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Reconfiguring Environments image

Reconfiguring Environments

Written and Illustrated by Alex R.M. Thompson I’d like to briefly venture back to 1997 – the year that the original Star Wars trilogy was re-released on VHS, with added visual effects and classy new packaging. The event received mixed...

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Elisabeth Belliveau, Still life Tokyo, Installation, neighborhood flowers and herbs (Zenpukuji,), jesmonite cast containers, copper, found objects, Youkobo Art Space Japan, 2019

My Process – Elisabeth Belliveau

Written by Emily Storvold After not running into Elisabeth Belliveau at art openings and talks for months, I was excited to hear about her quarantine experience. Seeing Belliveau’s mobiles appear on Instagram over the past months made me curious about...

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Megan Gnanasihamany, Home Studio, Drawing and digital image, Process image for Vice Versa to be mailed to Dana Buzzee

Wasting Away Together

Written by Megan Gnanasihamany Early this spring, when the closure of the border between the United States and Canada had just been announced, a friend video-called from Oregon. I threw out a pile of paper (notes, receipts, half-finished grocery lists)...

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JP King and Sean Martindale, Our Desires Fail Us (Selected works), Digital photograph, 2018.

Featured Artist: JP King

SNAPline Featured Artist: JP King JP King is an artist-designer-educator with a research-based multimedia practice focused on environmental well-being and waste as a world-shaping force. He is currently a PhD candidate at OISE, and teaches on the subjects of discard...

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