Issue: 2017.4

Youth Culture

Imagine with me, if you can, a group of folks well past the age of “youth” but not yet encroaching what you might call “old” sitting around a table trying to determine how to develop a publication on youth culture… we had a lot of questions! And so, we turned those questions over to the experts on youth culture. The results are an image rich publication exploring the practices and philosophies of artistically inclined youth in Edmonton, an uplifting snapshot of young people in our city.

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Internet Acronyms

What’s with acronyms lately? Here’s a quick cheat sheet to some that are commonly used on the internet: AF As f*ck. Used for emphasis. Ex: The weather is cold af TFW That feeling when. Ex: TFW when you're lying in...

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Youth Misunderstood

We asked youth about words they often use that they have to define for others. Here are some examples:   Basic Used to describe someone or something that’s mainstream or lacks originality. Ex: Did you see what she was wearing?...

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Kids These Days – Visual Art & Youth

Youth culture didn’t always exist. It needed to be invented. And that didn’t happen until the 19th century when, as author Jon Savage describes in Teenage: The Creation of Youth 1875-1945, the notion of “youth as a separate, stormy, rebellious...

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Featured Artist – Isabelle Kuzio

Isabelle Kuzio is an artist who currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta. She will graduate from the University of Alberta with a BFA in 2018. My work creates spaces of experience that explore cyclical power dynamics through subjects such as mythology,...

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