Mitchell Chalifoux

Mitchell Chalifoux Image 1 Curtain

Mitchell Chalifoux (any pronouns) is an artist based in Edmonton. They hold a  Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta. Working in performance, print, and craft, their art practice contemplates resourcefulness, hobby forms, decoration, and femininities. Collaborating with existing materials, in a both scarce and  abundant present, is core to Mitchell’s working methods. Their work has appeared in SNAPline, and in exhibitions across Canada, including at Idea Exchange (Cambridge, ON), and Alberta Printmakers (Calgary, AB). Most recently, Mitchell  has participated in the Venice International Performance Art Week (Venice, ITA), and in the Zero Gravity Performance Art Workshop (Edmonton, AB). They currently work at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, and while not making art, spend their time baking and waiting for summer blooms. | @mit.oux 


  • One of SNAP’s Cyanotype, Monotype, and Screen Printing Instructors
  • Tailored Printmaking Program areas of expertise include:
    • Screen Printing & Cyanotype
    • Monotype & Experimental Relief Printing
    • Printing on Fabric applications