Featured Artist: Jinzhe Cui


SNAPline Featured Artist: Jinzhe Cui

Cui Jinzhe is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Edmonton, Canada. Her innovative, daily-life based pieces range from works on paper and canvas, installations to public art, which incorporate drawing, painting, contemplative actions, and multi-medium practice. Cui focuses on the artistic exploration that generates possibilities of self-observation, community reflection and cultural integration.

Artist Statement

When we slow down to evoke an inside journey, such as eating an orange presently in the early morning; having a tranquil nap at the noon; dancing with a tree in the silent night, we all constantly generate artworks to the world as creativity naturally manifesting no matter we are among the people or living alone in the mountain.

The greatest artist creates masterpieces through studying how to thoroughly live a life.

Banner image: Jinzhe Cui, Look at a flower, Kiss a bird, Listen to a river

Woodblock Relief Print, Edition of 75, 2021