Issue: 2021.1


One of the many effects of the global pandemic was the shift in our experience of time that some of us went through – as the clockwork of society had several wrenches thrown into it, many of us found our day to day activities grind to a halt while time marched on without us. Having to slow down is not new to artists, with the creative process often deciding to shift its pace without our consent. Many printmaking processes require us to slow down and wait around while our art takes its own time to come into being. Perhaps consequently, the 2021.1 theme of SLOW resonated with many in the community, culminating in a wonderfully poetic publication. Max Elwood writes about what a slower society could mean for accessibility. Artist Taiessa explores in a visual essay how quarantines disrupted the idea of the scarcity of time. Stacey Cann holds a conversation with Justine Jenkins for My Process, about Justine’s artist book and the intertwining of capitalism, slowness, and creation. David Gagnon Walker recounts his reflections as he sat with Alex Linfield’s sculpture of a stone for a full 24 hours. Rounding off the issue is Zach Polis, drew up 8 sets of instructions or scores on how to navigate a pandemic, based on conversations with 8 artists. The featured artist Cui Jinzhe has created a series of 3 woodblock prints inspired by the theme of slowing down and being in tune with your surroundings. Cover image: Jinzhe Cui, Look at a flower, Woodblock Relief Print, 2021.

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Follow These Instructions

Follow These Instructions By Zach Polis Author’s note: It’s not always clear how to navigate a pandemic. Especially when you’re in one. Through consultation with artists, a set of useful instructions has been devised for your benefit. Please note you...

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Sitting with Ceramic Stone

Sitting with Ceramic Stone By David Gagnon Walker  Cultural theorist Jonathan Crary writes persuasively about what he calls 24/7  capitalism1, the condition  in which every moment of our lives can be reified and monetized by digital networks of production and ...

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My Process: Slowness as Recovery

Interview with Justine Jenkins Written by Stacey Cann I recently sat down to talk about the intertwining ideas of slowness, capitalism, and process with artist Justine Jenkins. Deliberate slowness, a methodical approach to life, takes into account the unique nature...

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When All the Good Feels Scarce

When All the Good Feels Scarce Visual essay by Taiessa Title: When All the Good Feels Scarce Medium: Relief monoprint, handwritten notes Year: 2021 Dimensions: 11 x 13 inches Essay text: My anthurium died in my last move. More truthfully...

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Slowing Speed & Sowing Seeds

Slowing Speed & Sowing Seeds: Thoughts on Creating an Accessible Artistic Community By Max Elwood I’ve always had a love for community. For a number of years I was quite the busy bee, zooming from one place to the next,...

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Featured Artist: Jinzhe Cui

SNAPline Featured Artist: Jinzhe Cui Cui Jinzhe is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Edmonton, Canada. Her innovative, daily-life based pieces range from works on paper and canvas, installations to public art, which incorporate drawing, painting, contemplative actions,...

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