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Apr 18 - May 9, 2013
10123 121 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 3W9

Wed-Fri | 12pm – 6pm
Sat | 12pm – 5pm

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Featuring works by:

Suzi Barlow
Holly deMoissac
Lauren Huot
Dominika Koziak
Chenyi Liao
Gillian McCarron
Ellen Prosko
Katrina Regino
Cara Seccafien
Darian Stahl
Kelsey Stephenson
Sam vanEgteron
Erin Walker
Meiyi Wang

This exhibition is the eighth annual senior print exhibition to be held at SNAP and is the result of the vital ongoing collaboration between SNAP and the printmaking area at the University of Alberta. This exciting student exhibition represents a broad variety of conceptual concerns expressed with a range of printmaking techniques and media including traditional techniques as old as mezzotint, to state of the art digital technology. Conceptual concerns range from notions of transience, impermanence and time to our understanding of the urban condition, from the human body and its relationship to the earth to issues surrounding identity and gender, from how we perceive visual cues to questions about what is real and what is illusion.

Showcased are works produced by fourteen dedicated and talented students in senior printmaking classes in the Department of Art and Design. For most of these young artists – Suzanna Barlow, Lauren Huot, Dominika Koziak, Chenyi Liao, Gillian McCarron, Holly de Mossiac, Ellen Prosko, Katrina Regino, Cara Seccafien, Kelsey Stephanson, Samuel Van Egteren, Darian Stahl, Erin Walker, Meiyi Wang – this show provides a bridge to a new phase in life as they complete their BFA degrees and are poised to carry on as artists, to enter graduate programs, or to work as professionals in fields related to Arts and Culture. For Darian Stahl this work is indicative of another turning point. First year courses in graduate school have just been completed and she is now about to embark on the creative adventure of development and production of her thesis which will culminate in a solo exhibition at FAB Gallery for her MFA degree.

The rich variety of visual sensibilities, conceptual concerns, and technical methods represented in this show offers the viewer a challenging and provocative experience that hopefully will prompt questions, bring pleasure and encourage contemplation. Congratulations are due to all the participants who have worked so hard. It has been a great pleasure and honour for us to have worked with each of them over the past year. This exhibition represents a celebration of imagination, hard work and the creative spirit!

– Liz Ingram and Daniela Schlueter (April 2013)

Opening Reception: April 20, 7–9 pm.


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