Sylvie Ellis

Artist in Residence
In Community Residency 2023 Access Edition
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Sylvie Ellis (she/they)

I am a disabled, queer, Ukrainian, white settler artist currently studying in Amiskwacîwâskahikan, treaty 6 territory (Edmonton). My practice examines the intersections of identity, the body, and mental health. 

My creative practice speaks about personal stories, diverse identities, and traumas, in order to make the overlooked visible. Drawing from my intimate experience with neurodiversity, and illness, I aim to make work that deals with serious topics in a way that’s digestible, and approachable. Utilizing methods such as hand embroidery, stone lithography, and medium & large format film photography, I take comfort in the analog. These slow, tender, process based mediums emphasize the beauty in allowing chance to intervene, and celebrate the mark of the hand that’s making. The serendipity woven into the analog process is a metaphor for the diversity we share and the beauty in difference. Working with film photography has created a unique opportunity for myself to grieve and heal from the recent death of my uncle who was once a great photographer. Through this, I have learnt to view the body through a lens of appreciation and expression, while having the opportunity to showcase other bodies and the stories they embody. Stone lithography has always been a medium that I’ve been drawn to for many reasons. The surface of the limestone is precious, flawed, and porous much like skin, and holds a history. Cropping in pieces of the body reveals their complexity and creates moments of appreciation for the overlooked. As a society, we have failed to create a world where we celebrate and appreciate diversity in all of its forms. My art is a celebration of being “other”.

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The In Community Artist Residency is made possible by the Edmonton Arts Council’s Connections and Exchanges Organizational Initiatives Grant.