Jason Purcell

Artist in Residence
In Community Residency 2023 Access Edition
Jason headshot - a close up of Jason Purcell. They have black hair and dark eyes and is wearing a black shirt with a white collar. They are leaning against a reflective wall with their head tilted back and smiling at the camera.

Jason Purcell is a writer from amiskwacîwâskahikan, Treaty 6 (Edmonton, Alberta). They are the author of A Place More Hospitable (Anstruther Press) and Swollening (Arsenal Pulp Press) and are co-owner of Glass Bookshop.

Instagram: @jasonvpurcell

Website: www.jasonpurcell.ca

The In Community Artist Residency is made possible by the Edmonton Arts Council’s Connections and Exchanges Organizational Initiatives Grant.