SNAP Boychuk Hunter 02Header Photo by Blaine Campbell

Call for Submissions: CLOSED

SNAP is a Non-profit Artist-Run Centre in Edmonton, Alberta dedicated to the production, presentation and dissemination of Fine Art Printmaking and Contemporary Print Media. For more information about SNAP, visit the About section.

The Community Gallery is a public exhibition space mandated to exhibit works by local emerging artists, projects, works in process and other proposals. Specifically for the exhibition of new works by emerging artists, SNAP’s Community Gallery Space is programmed through an open call for submissions as well as through curated exhibitions. Exhibitions are selected based on artistic excellence, engagement with contemporary print media, new or experimental project formats and as a complement or in dialogue with our Main Gallery programming.

SNAP Community Gallery Submission Requirements

Submissions will be accepted via email (please adhere to guidelines below).

Submissions should consist of:

  1. A project proposal explaining the specifics of the proposed exhibition. (maximum 1 page)
  2. 15 -20 numbered high quality Jpeg images OSX Apple-Mac compatible
  3. Corresponding image list indicating the artist’s name, title of work, media and date
  4. An artist statement, which describes and contextualizes the work presented. (maximum 1 page).
  5. Curriculum Vitae or artist resume

Please indicate which works are intended for exhibition or clearly indicate if your proposal includes new works or work in progress, as well as any extraordinary installation requirements, including technical support.

Please send all written support (items 1, 3–5 above) as a single PDF and images (item 2 above) in JPEG form. If mailing submission, please do not send any paper or include a return envelope.

Digital images: should be in JPEG format, sized to 1000 pixels maximum on the longest side. File names should correspond to the image list.

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Tips for Submitting by Email

  • If emailing submissions, please package all materials: PDF written support including proposal and JPEG images into a .ZIP file.
  • .ZIP Files should be labeled artists last and the first name (
  • An additional file may be submitted for video work, however please ensure individual clips do not exceed 5 minutes in length. If more space is required for time-based or intermedia work please provide a link.
  • Label email with “Community Gallery Submission” in the subject line.
    Submissions are to be emailed to April Dean, Executive Director: [email protected]
  • Proposals should be clear and concise.
  • Make sure that your name and contact information is clearly marked on each part of your submission, including all of your support material(s).
  • Do not submit a website address in lieu of digital files.

Email Community Gallery Submissions to: [email protected]