Roger Garcia


A comic named “Covid haircuts we gave ourselves in 2020”, showing 4 headshots of people. The first one is short hair with bald temples, nicknamed “The Captain Kangaroo”. The second is a person with a literal mop on their head, titled “The Mop Top”. The third is a very sort hairstyle with just the top of the head shaves away like a monk, titled “El Huevo Estrellado (The fried egg). The last one is a bald person with small patches burnt hair titled “The scorched Earth”.



Comic titled “Whats behind our masks?” showing a family of three wearing masks in one panel, and the second with their masks off. The teeth on the people in the second panel are full of dirty teeth with leftover food and grime.

Comic titled “2020 the year of the adoptive pet”, depicting a person relaxing in a living room surrounded by various pets.


About the Artist

Roger Garcia is a self taught freelance cartoonist/illustrator and art educator based out of Edmonton Alberta who works in acrylics, ink and digital media. His illustrations have been published in humor books, children’s books, newspapers and educational material.

Aside from his own art making, Roger has been involved in the Edmonton arts community for over 20 years and enjoys giving back and sharing his skills whenever possible. He also facilitates drawing and art workshops for children and adults in art galleries, community centers, schools, youth camps and local art events in and around the city.

Roger is currently working on illustrating “The Pachin Project”, a non linear graphic novel about his dog, Pachin, and father, Jose Garcia, battles with cancer. The project is a personal love letter to them and inspires readers to learn how to adapt during grief while offering humour, hope and comfort. The Pachin Project is generously funded by The Edmonton Arts Council.