SNAP Statement of Solidarity with Palestine

The Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists (SNAP) Board of Directors and Staff join calls to end the 75 year genocide in Palestine. You are invited to join us in pledging our solidarity with Palestinians by signing and sharing this letter.

We encourage our community members to participate in the National Day of Action for Palestine on Saturday November 4th, 2023 by donating to aid funds, signing petitions and joining calls for:

  • an immediate end to violence, including a cease fire
  • immediately allowing humanitarian aid 
  • a fair process of fact finding and accountability

SNAP understands that artists, designers and cultural workers have effective tools to disrupt strategies of oppression. These strategies include colonialism, racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, dehumanization, dispossession, displacement. We can and should use our tools in solidarity with Palestinians and all other peoples experiencing oppression. 

We hope that by supporting Palestinians we can refine our anti-oppression skills to also become better relatives to the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island.

Sign the petition here:


Further resources and ways to support:

We encourage you to read and sign this Canada-wide petition:

We encourage those who are able to join the local rally for Palestine in amiskwacîwâskahikan/Edmonton on November 4, 2023 at 2PM at Churchill Square:

Visit the Canada Palestine Cultural Association’ s instagram (@cpca.edmonton) and website ( for more updates on Gaza and information on petitions/protests

Free graphics and art templates from Justseeds Collective: Pack 1 | Pack 2

Gaza Awareness Instagram accounts:

@sbeih.jpg (watch this for a brief history on this on-going colonization: )

About this form:

We will be collecting names through this form on an ongoing basis and will publish the list of supporters through this form and on our website on November 4, 2023 as part of National Day of Action for Palestine. Through this form SNAP hopes to facilitate a way for the SNAP membership and the local arts community to add their voices to the calls for justice for Palestine. Anyone can and is encouraged to sign this form. (Only those who have consented for their name to be publicly displayed will be listed below.)

Signed by (updated November 14):

Mayada Rahal
Kelsey Stephenson
Dalal Mouallem
Thea Donovan
Amanda McKenzie
Carolyn Gerk
Melanie M Rose
Luke Johnson
Jacky Benjamin Tollestrup
Jen Schier
Kasie Campbell
Kerri-Lynn Reeves
Kathryn Lennon
Ryley Wort
Georgia Quinlan
Dalyah Mouallem
Justine Jenkins
Addison P
Ashna Jacob
Claire Black
Myken McDowell
Allison Tunis
Megan Simonson
Callum McKenzie
April Dean
Isa Camerino
Agata Garbowska
Madison Dewar
Manar Abotouk
Taiessa Pagola
Brianna Tosswill
Andrew Benson
Christina Hamer
Dree Beaudry
Mairead Charles
Nicole Winski
Katrina Regino
Salima Bandali
Aminah Jomha
Jonathan Luckhurst
Lindsey Bond
Emily Hayes
Christine Ha
Carlyn Clifford
Brnesh Berhe
Andrew Thorne
Dani Rice