Request for Proposals – Video Production needed: FUTURE FORWARD Project

DIGITAL STORIES: Video Production needed



SNAP Gallery + Printshop is commissioning 4 visual artists to create an edition of original artist prints to be included with SNAP’s 40th anniversary portfolio and gallery exhibition. In addition, SNAP is looking to create a series of 4 short 15 minute digital stories (AKA videos) documenting each artist’s printmaking technique. The final digital stories will be distributed online for fundraising and promotional purposes. Artists will be filmed in their studio creating the work, documenting each artists’ printmaking process as well as short interview segments. We have commissioned 2 artists from Edmonton so we are looking for a local video production team to film both artists and produce the videos. We have one artist located in Toronto and one in Montreal, so coordination of videographers in both of these cities will be necessary for the project.

Our goal with these videos is to promote the work of these artists, celebrate SNAP’s 40th anniversary and the sale of the prints, as well as explain/demystify different printmaking techniques to the general public. We would like to include some form of animation to visually explain these techniques. A knowledge of printmaking (specifically silkscreen, linocut and mezzotint) is an asset but not required for this project. The videos will be circulated via SNAP’s website and social media.


SNAP is one of Edmonton’s most unique and exciting visual arts organizations with a robust programming schedule, dedicated membership program, active printmaking studio, and the drive to be an important community resource. SNAP provides critical space and resources for printmaking production, exhibition, and education.


Set up interviews in person as well as collect B-roll of each artist working in their studio
Coordination with Toronto and Montreal videographers to collect footage of the two away artists (videographers can be either sourced by SNAP or by the video production team)
Arrange necessary camera equipment
Conduct interviews with each artist, going into depth about their process and inspiration behind their work

Post Production:
Collect footage, digitize, create shot-list and edit into 15 minute finished videos with titles, graphics and music.
Create and provide audio files, or transcriptions of each artist’s interview.
Send a rough cut of each video to SNAP for review, comments and approval before delivery.
Purchase supplies, music rights and graphics as necessary.
Deliver finished videos on a flash drive or via Google Drive at full resolution.


Project proposals DUE February 15 2022
February 2022: Video Production team contracted
May 1, 2022: Raw footage due to editor + SNAP for review
June 1: Rough cut due
July 15: Final cut due
August 2022: Project Launch and Exhibition opening


4 x 15-minute videos / digital stories


4 hour sessions shooting in studio with each artist (4 artists total). ($2000 total for collecting required footage)
Single editor contracted for between 40-80 minutes of completed video content: Total $2000
Media Production Contingency: $2000 for equipment rental or other associated production costs
Creation of up to 4 short animated sections re:didactic or educational on printmaking processes: $500
Accessibility measures for added captioning and audio descriptions for up to max 80 mins of video: $750

Total Maximum Available budget including all contingency for this project is: $7,250


Please ensure the proposal includes the following information:
Description of the qualifications of the firm in relation to this project and why your organization would be well suited to provide the required services
Identification of team members, including their role and summary of experience with similar projects
Proposed project schedule
Work plan outlining the approach to be used, including tasks required of SNAP staff
Detailed fee/expense schedule
Any special features, abilities or add-ons offered
Any relevant video links of similar projects completed in the past

Compile the above requirements and submit in PDF format. Submit project proposals to Jenna Jaikaran, Project Lead, SNAP <[email protected]>

For more information about SNAP, please direct any questions to [email protected]

SNAP is committed to employment equity. All qualified persons are encouraged to apply. We especially encourage and welcome applications from members of visible minority groups, women, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, people of minority sexual orientations and gender identities, and others with skills and knowledge to engage productively with diverse communities.