Opening Reception & Artist Talk – Vicissitude

Mar 2 - Mar 2, 2024
Monique Martin 
SNAP - Get Directions
10572 115 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3K6
Free - No registration Required

6PM: Artist Talk with Monique Martin
7-9PM: Opening Reception

SNAP is pleased to invite members and guests for the opening reception of Vicissitude by Monique Martin and Alexandra Hedberg on Saturday March 2, 7pm-9pm, following an artist talk.

Prior to the opening there will be an in-person artist talk by Monique Martin from 6-7PM. Admission is free and by drop in. PLEASE NOTE: The gallery doors will be closed during the day until 6pm to prepare for the artist talk and opening reception.

Gallery accessibility info:

We thought the environment was frozen in time. It is now a slow emergency. Vicissitude is a 120 sq metre silkscreened floor cloth that depicts the various impacts on the earth from climate change; flood, fire, erosion and drought that can be walked on by viewers. The ceiling is covered in thousands of silkscreened butterflies.

About the Artists

Alexandra Hedberg (she/her/elle/la)

My work is at the core about the human condition, existence and the futile. During recent years the climate crisis has come to affect me and my work. As a result the theme of the Apocalypse has become a framework, my art pieces being “my visions” presented in large confrontational scale; natural disasters brought on by climate change (wildfire, landslides,flood and drought), bad omens (blood rain, eclipse, dead butterflies) and consequences (people running for their life, sex as escapism, desperate love). I present my visions as glimpses of scenes to allow for the spectators to create their own narrative. Some of my art pieces might appear to be abstract when seen at distance or in small digital format. But upon closer inspection or experienced in reality, figurative elements are discovered.

Instagram: @alexandrahedberg

Monique Martin 

Monique’s art is an intricate fabric woven of all the people around her, the experiences she has and the things she feels. Chapters of an artistic life are unlike chapters of a book. An art life flows forward, backward, side to side with no understanding at many times where one chapter ends and another begins. An artistic life can be marked by a series of work beginning or ending, exhibitions opening or closing, an artistic life is fluid and constantly mocking ‘being done’ as one idea begins as another merges and builds upon the last. She never knows when is the last time she will touch upon an idea or build upon a past concept. As an artist she doesn’t know when the fork in the road is a medium, an idea, a residency, an exhibition or an image, and often for her it is as simple as a conversation with another person. She follows her brush, carving tool, screens, scissors and glue where they take her. She trusts that the trail that is created behind her will be an interesting one.

Instagram: @moniquesart


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