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Jan 20 - Feb 17, 2024
10572 115 st, Edmonton, AB T5H 3K6

Wed-Fri | 12pm – 6pm
Sat | 12pm – 5pm

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SNAP is pleased to present The In-Betweens, featuring new work by Alison James. The exhibition runs from January 20 – February 17, 2024 at SNAP Gallery.

The In-Betweens analyzes the creation, storage, and recollection of Alison James’ episodic memories. Five emotional, unnerving animations loop within the gallery, and are installed alongside the tactile, intricate sets and frames used to make them, offering insight into their creation and encouraging reflection upon the memory making process.

Opening Reception: Saturday January 20, 7pm-9pm

Artist Talk (In Gallery): Saturday January 20, 6pm-7pm prior to opening reception

We are what we remember, aren’t we?

In recent years, I have come to realize that the majority of my episodic memories, and thus my life narrative, are tied to documentation — photographs, home videos, and verbal storytelling. These records are maintained and presented in a particular way that make life seem to consist of a string of joyful experiences — smiling faces partaking in celebrations, vacations and holidays.

The In-Betweens converge on personal episodic memories that do not conform to life scripts documented in my family’s archive, were not relayed to me as a story but nonetheless possess a powerful emotional charge. I endeavor to reconstruct some of these memories in a series of stop-motion animations built from screen printed papercut figures and sets, seeking answers. What does it take to encode this type of memory, I wonder? Are they truer than memories connected to records? More meaningful?  Why are some experiences encoded, consolidated, and recalled successfully while others are not? 

In the act of remembering, it is impossible to conjure up a perfectly preserved experience. Rather, we reconstruct the past from a personal present, introducing errors and imbuing the memory with our present-day feelings and values. I meditate on memory reconstruction through screen printing: a highly deliberate technique that involves composing an image, deconstructing it to create layers, then reassembling it through the printing process. Animation breathes life into these constructions, seeking to conjure the elusive core of each memory — emotion.

The In-Betweens was made possible by the generous support of the Winnipeg Arts Council and the Manitoba Arts Council.

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Alison James is a visual artist who creates tactile, layered, emotional animated works by combining printmaking, papercutting, and animation. Through her work, she seeks to understand memory reconstruction, and memory’s impact on personal identity. Alison is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she received a BFA Honours Degree from the University of Manitoba in 2014. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, and actively engages in artist residencies. She most recently exhibited her work at Engramme in Québec City, QC (2023), and completed MI-LAB’s Basic Training Program in Japan (2023).

Image: Still from Glare, Screen printed papercut animation (looped), 24 sec, 2019.

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