Taryn Kneteman


SNAPline featured artist: Taryn Kneteman

Taryn Kneteman lives and works in Edmonton, Canada. She holds a BFA in Art and Design from the University of Alberta and makes artwork in and between print, sculpture, and video. Past exhibitions include Breathing, Antimatter [media art], Victoria, BC (2018); for the time being: 2017 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, AB (2017); and Everyday Rituals (survival tactics), SNAP Gallery, Edmonton, AB (2015). She has been awarded residencies at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Kloster Bentlage, and Atelier Graff.


Artist statement

Driving in the edge of the city, I am startled and fascinated by the vibrant colours of buildings under construction. Billowing tarps and beckoning signage in primary hues vibrate against the low, snow-filled clouds and neutrals of neighbouring structures. I photographed a building in the twilight, thirsty for saturation and intrigued by the shapes – part cocoon, part circus tent, part condominium.
Printing by hand is an opportunity for play and rupture within processes developed to offer commercial consistency. This print for SNAPline is split into three editions. Each is made by layering process colours in different sequence through a combination of inkjet printing and screen printing. Spot colours are then added with more screens. Like imaging technologies that visualize portions of the electromagnetic spectrum not visible to the unaided human eye, and allow vision to extend increasingly farther out and deeper in, this print is a proposition of colour indexing the presence of latent qualities in a familiar scene.
The wrapped state gives no concrete indication of what is underneath, but adjacent buildings are a likely hypothesis. Like a developer’s haystack, the forms shift in the changing light and seasons, and are containers of both previous planning and imagined future use. To some they may become a home in glorious beige, to others a quotidian feature of urban topography. What will emerge from the tarp cocoon when the time is right?

To see more of Taryn’s work, visit www.tarynkneteman.com

Purchase Taryn’s SNAPline prints here or in person at SNAP Gallery.