phone is to stick by digital_dirt


This comic, titled Phone is to stick by digital_dirt, consists of the same image printed in multiple colour combinations, laid out in a 4 by 4 grid over two pages. The image depicts a robot, a caveman, and a slug walking in a line to the left, in a desert. The slug is passing a stick forward to the caveman’s outstretched hand, and the caveman is passing a cellphone to the robot similarly. They are in a sandy desert with several cacti and shrubs surrounding them, mountains in the distance, and a big sun in the top right corner. The colour combinations are a mixture of yellows, reds, magentas, blues, and blacks.

About the Artist

digital_dirt is a single person art collective living on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, Canada. The collective enjoys doodling and admiring objects found in nature – especially the non-virtual kind. Its creative interests focus on the intersection of information and physical space: Is it possible to love and consider important plants and animals one has only ever seen on a computer screen? Are things like soil and watersheds things people need to experience in the digital age?