Message from the SNAPline Committee



Description: A comic drawn in light blue pencils, in the style of a zoom meeting screen. The 7 SNAPline committee members are seen in their zoom screens smiling at the camera. The text over their boxes read the following message:

“Welcome to a pandemic era SNAPline meeting.

Is the sight of arrayed video call boxes imprinted on your brain too?

I’ll take any chance to see these faces, even if it is through a screen.

Punchline is a fully graphic issue featuring comics and illustrations.

We figured that everyone could use a laugh (see: the melon-choly watermelon) or a moment of reflection.

We would love to continue publishing comics and illustrations in future issues.

Keep an eye out for SNAPline calls and send us a pitch!”

The Illustration is by Sergio Serrano and Text by Charlie Crittenden