Featured Artist: Laura Grier


SNAPline featured artist: Laura Grier

Laura Grier is a Délı̨nę First Nations artist and printmaker, born in Somba ké and based out of Alberta. Through the use of traditional print mediums, they instrumentalize the power of the handmade to reflect political sociology, culture, environmentalism, and Indigeneity. Responding to lived experiences, Laura’s work is inspired by the dynamism of Indigenous art practices and believes that printmaking is a tool of resistance and a vessel towards Indigenous Bets’ı̨nę́ (Spirit). They hold a BFA from NSCADU (K’jipuktuk) and they are currently pursuing their MFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Art at OCADU (Tkaronto). For more about Laura Grier, visit lauragrierart.com.

Artist Statement

Bets’ı̨nę́ Nę́nę́ Prints

“Spirituality is a deeper level of knowledge and awareness and it too guides our behaviour. Living fully and successfully in the now world, is dependent upon our understandings and our relationship to the living entities of the upper world. Our lives are regulated by these relationships and maintaining the balance in these relationships is of utmost importance. Our very existence depends on maintaining and respecting these relationships.“ – Fibbie Tatti

These prints are my gift to the Dene and Sahtúgot’ı̨nę writers whose work has guided me towards this work, and in a way, back home. Inside each print is a ceremonial mark, a message, an action, and a Dene belief system. I hope these prints can help guide you too. Mahsi Cho

Laura Grier, Process image for Bets’ı̨nę́ Nę́nę́ Prints, 2019

Laura Grier, Process image for Bets’ı̨nę́ Nę́nę́ Prints, 2019

Header image: Laura Grier, Edırı nę́nę́: Screen Print, 2019

For more about Laura Grier, visit lauragrierart.com