Featured Artist: Morgan Pinnock

Print by Morgan Pinnock. A linocut in yellow, pink, green, and brown, depicting a figure with long golden hair is sewing a striped fabric, while sitting on a plush chair, in a room filled with brightly patterned cloth, and green plants.

Morgan Pinnock is an artist and weaver based in Edmonton, Alberta (Treaty 6 Territory). She works primarily on the letterpress making reduction linocut prints, and on a small floor loom making handwoven textiles.

Morgan attended the Alberta College of Art and Design (AUArts), and holds a Diploma in Arts and Cultural Management from MacEwan University.

A photo of a patch of weaving in green and white grids

Artist Statement

Connecting my rural upbringing with the history of genre painting, my prints depict scenes of everyday life, often portraying people or makers in the home consumed by domestic work.

Using romanticized and autobiographical subject matter, I build up and carve away layers to reveal vivid colours, decorative patterns, and a longing for the ordinary, tedious moments of daily life.

In the work I’ve created for this issue of SNAPline, I look at repair as an act of love and necessity. Printed on the reliable and well-maintained letterpresses in SNAP’s printshop, I have merged my print and fibre practices to create two pieces that speak to the functionality of repair, importance of preservation, and the emotional benefits of caring for the objects we love.

Centered around textile consumption and sustainability, this work will challenge you to think about not only your relationship to the objects in your life, but to people and the environment.

A hand holding a letterpress print, printed with a poem that reads: "REPAIR PIECE. Love Something with such intensity that you damage it. Let the fibres wear so thin they expose skin. Use this patch to repair it. keep what remains a lesson. Spring 2022" The poem is followed by a small manila envelope glued onto the paper.

Images credit: Morgan Pinnock, 2022.