Featured Artist: Meghan Pohlod


SNAPline featured artist: Meghan Pohlod

Meg Pohlod is a print artist based in the Bay Area. She is the Artist Residency Manager and Adult Classes Coordinator at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California. She received her MFA in printmaking from the University of Alberta in 2017, a BFA in printmaking from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2015. Pohlod has exhibited work, and been a visiting artist nationally and internationally including Canada, Spain, and Germany. She is currently working on an international collaboration project with artist and educator Heather Leier, expected to be shown in Hong Kong 2020.

Artist Statement

My growing need to remember comes from my personal narrative of resolution towards Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I explore representations of the body by investigating interior and exterior space, questioning what happens when distressing memories are triggered by image, place and time. My visual research contributes a firstperson perspective to theories of memory and contemporary discourses of trauma, family, and the body. I employ auto-ethnographic methodologies to visually explore the trauma of abandonment by using both personal and found archives of family photographs, body monoprints, and print installations. I find that by portraying my own experiences I present common visual language, prompts of nostalgia, childhood and vulnerability. I use gridded print installations and compositions to offer a readable narrative. Juxtaposing text and image is a direct reference to an imprint in our psyche. These are prompts for recollections of the past, offering a place of pause and contemplation. I believe in the normalization of trauma, but also see a lack of resources for those who experience it. This continues to be a major risk due in part to the stigma associated with individuals who experience mental illness because of PTSD. My work explores the forgotten, the suppressed and the past in an open and honest conversation. I am influenced by research through epidemiology of intergenerational experiences being passed down to us through genetic make-up. In order to be part of a larger conversation towards openness and resolution I seek to understand and support through care and empathy.


Meghan Pohlod. Spreads from: Ivy. Printed with a Risograph MZ 1090. Midnight and Brick Ink. Springhill papers.The images are found photographs from an Estate Sale in Colorado. The text is from singer and songwriter Frank Ocean’s album: Ivy. This edition was printed in coordination with Art Kala 2020, an exhibition, auction, and gala benefit to support Kala’s artistic, cultural, and educational programs. Published by: Chute Studio that is a collaborative Riso publishing studio of Amy Burek and Zach Clark.

Meghan Pohlod. Spreads from: Do You Still Have That Photograph. 10″ × 10″. Do You Still Have That Photograph was created by Meg Pohlod at In Cahoots Residency with a grant from California Society of Printmakers Artist in Residence Program. The images are digital reproductions of found photographs from Paris. The text is from singer, and songwriter Julia Jacklin’s album: Crushing. The type is set in Optima and Univers.

Header image: Meghan Pohlod, Hindsight 2020. Digital pigment print on Stonehenge, woodcut, letterpress, 8″ × 10″. The image is a found photograph from an Estate Sale in Colorado. The text is from singer, and songwriter Julia Jacklin’s album: Crushing. The type is set in Garamond. 2020. Purchase the print here.