Featured Artist: Erica Vaskevicius

Erica Vaskevicius, NorthSTAR, Cyanotype and Screen Print, 10”×7”, 2020.

SNAPline Featured Artist: Erica Vaskevicius

Erica VaskeviciusErica Vaskevicius is an emerging designer who lives and works in Edmonton. She loves all things indigo and challenges herself to combine this natural dye with conductive technologies through the technique of screen printing to create unique, interactive pieces.

Artist Statement

Many of us feel that yesterday’s charted course has been displaced by today’s turbulent seas, leaving our skies darkened and the journey ahead difficult to navigate. As this darkness threatens to consume us, we frantically search above the waves, through the darkness, for something to silence the storm. Then suddenly, a glimpse of hope—silent and bright, constant and true, patiently waiting to guide us. We look up, we look ahead and we press on through the storm, confident in the beacon—our North Star.

Banner image: Erica Vaskevicius, NorthSTAR – bgj., NorthSTAR – c., NorthSTAR – sf.
All three prints: Cyanotype and Screen Print, 10”×7”, 2020.