Issue: 2018.4

What Happens Next?

This skeptical but uplifting publication has some exceptional content in store for you. In Wendy McGrath’s My Process interview you’ll get some insight into the studio practice of SNAP’s Emerging Artist in Residence: Max Keene. Emerging artist and writer Jessa Gillespie gives us hope that technology may not be our final undoing; rather it could be a path forward, a way to find and support and uplift each other. Local favourite and regular SNAPline contributor Blair Brennan opens up a query on stories, the ones we tell each other, the ones we tell ourselves, the ones we are told. Brennan is asking us to think about the role of the artist in the formation of our stories. And of course, there is our fantastic featured artist Gabriela Jolowicz and the winning piece of Flash Fiction by Dominik Royko inspired by her print.

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Flash Fiction Contest: Runners-Up

Read the winning entry, Heimweh by Dominik Royko. 2nd Place PIVOt by Wendy McGrath I pressed the can’s cold tin lip hard against my mouth. Snapped my head back and slammed it. PIVO! That is the name for BEER in...

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My Process – Max Keene

by Wendy McGrath I scale the stairs to the second floor of the University of Alberta’s Fine Arts Building and stop in front of an installation by Max Keene. On the wall on the other side of the glass are...

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These shadows of imagination

by Blair Brennan “Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.” This quote comes from German-born, American philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt’s essay on Danish author Isak Dinesen.1 Some time ago, I heard a radio documentary on Arendt...

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After Much Consideration, Tomorrow Has Not Been Cancelled

by Jessa Gillespie To look towards the future is to look towards crisis management. As social relations, politics, and the planet’s ecosystem collapse around us, with us, and because of us, crisis is being infinitely managed. This infinite management occurs as...

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by Dominik Royko “The news say that the old Belgrade airport is being excavated,” reported the Austrian. “Живели! I’ll drink to that,” toasted the Serb, taking another swig of her beer. “It’s been eight years since it was buried. That’s where...

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Gabriela Jolowicz

SNAPline featured artist: Gabriela Jolowicz Gabriela Jolowicz was born in Salzgitter, Germany. Her studies led from Communication Design to Book Arts/Graphic Design with the focus on Illustration and Printmaking. In 2008 the LUBOK press from Leipzig published her woodcut series...

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