Issue: 2018.1


Welcome to our first SNAPline edition of 2018! We are so ecstatic to be launching this special Letterpress edition at a public screening of Pressing On: The Letterpress Film in collaboration with The Graphic Designers of Canada (Alberta North) and the Art Gallery of Alberta. For decades now, as commercial industry casts off its heavy burdens of type cases and mechanical presses in favour of digital printing, young creatives are at the ready, cruising online sales forums and going to great lengths to rescue the heavy burdens now filling their garages and fulfilling their printmaking dreams. Often working seamlessly between pixels on screen to ink on paper, letterpress enthusiasts will often tell you that the medium keeps us firmly connected to the history, evolution and sophistication of the printed word.

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My Process – Mike Wichuk

by Wendy McGrath In 2012, Mike Wichuk was a man with a dream: a Heidelberg letterpress. Little did he know that fate would lead him to a press with an intriguing provenance, in an intriguing province. Wichuk was toiling away...

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Fresh Ink – Megan Stein

Megan Stein Prompted by a friend who asked about the feeling of losing consciousness through anesthesia, this unbound artist book is an attempt at remembering the physical and emotional feeling of being put under. Every few months from the age...

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Never accused of using to many neutrals, Cate’s creative energy and down-to-earth nature is immediately evident in her fun and colourful creations. She is based in Edmonton and is the creative force the drives Ochre Lea (“oh-kerr-lee”). Her posters and...

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Christa Carleton

SNAPline featured artist: Christa Carleton Christa Carleton resides in Missoula, Montana. She has her BFA and MFA in Printmaking and has been creating prints for over a decade. Christa got the bug for letterpress printing while completing her graduate degree....

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Getting Physical With Type (Bodoni, Specifically)

by Kevin Zak Letters do not achieve their true beauty when done in haste and discomfort, nor when done with diligence and pain, but only when they are created with love and passion. —Giambattista Bodoni, quoted in Garfield, Simon, Just...

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