Issue: 2021.2


Community printshops often exist in a realm somewhere between the private and public spheres, accessible to those who make prints and mysterious to those who don’t. An artistic practice in printmaking is rarely private and generally relies on some sort of collaboration or communal resources. Prints are often made in bustling shared studio environments. Artists pour their private selves into their artwork and the public nature of print distributes these multiples far and wide for all to see. In this issue of SNAPline, read about featured artist Emmanuel Osahor’s practice and enjoy the 3 beautiful cover prints created for this edition. Luke Johnson chronicles conversations with 3 artists whose work is rarely seen by the public eye. Mia Riley has presented a feature and interview with the artists behind Yolkless Press in Calgary. Riaz Mehmood opens up about his work to Danielle Seimens in this issue’s ‘My Process’. Finally, enjoy reading this year’s SNAPline Flash Fiction contest pieces by winner Stephanie Medford and runner-up Madison Dewar.

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Ryan Cain, untitled drawing

When to Stand and When to Run…

written by Luke Johnson. Cady Noland, Patron Saint of Private Artists, opened a show (THE CLIP-ON METHOD) at Galerie Buchholz (17 East 82nd Street, New York, NY) on June 17th, 2021. Prior to this, her last showing of new work...

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Featured Artist: Emmanuel Osahor

Emmanuel Osahor is a Nigerian artist currently based in Ontario. His practice is invested in explorations of painting, photography and installation, and his recent work explores the garden as a constructed sanctuary space. Currently completing his MFA at the University...

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