Issue: 2018.2


This issue’s theme, Photography, is an exciting look at how the medium can be balanced between the worlds of traditional photography and printmaking. The methodology of photography, light creating images through photosensitive films and emulsions, is the basis of collaboration and manipulation between mediums. Today, a photograph could live its entire life on digital platforms or as a physical printed object. A photograph can intersect printmaking through digital layers printed via large format inkjet printers, or negatives and positives exposed onto a silkscreen or a photolitho/etching/polymer plate.

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River of Shadows Book Review

by Charlie Crittenden “He had captured aspects of motion whose speed had made them as invisible as the moons of Jupiter before the telescope, and he found a way to set them back in motion. It was as though he...

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Photos from the City of Edmonton Cemeteries Artist Residency

by Candace Makowichuk The medium I work in is historical photographic processes including: Cyanotype, Bromoil, Gum Bichromate, Liquid Emulsions and Silver Gelatin. My art is made by patience and quiet observations, using primarily a historic bellows sheet film camera, and...

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Ethics and Consent in Street Photography

by Danielle Houghton As a practicing street photographer I may be understood as having a biased view of the issue of ethics in street photography: clearly I must find it ethical to invade strangers privacy with my camera. It is,...

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My Process – Angela Snieder

by Wendy McGrath Whether Vermeer used a camera obscura when he painted is debatable, but, there is no doubt printmaker Angela Snieder makes innovative use of the camera obscura in her work. When I visited her SNAP studio, displayed on...

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Angela Snieder

SNAPline featured artist: Angela Snieder Angela Snieder is a visual artist working in print-media, photo-based printmaking, and installation. Her practice explores relationships between physical and psychological spaces, and the transformative potential of contemplative attention. She holds a BFA from York...

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Exhibition Preview with Walter Jule

Written by Charlie Crittenden LIGHT/MATTER: Art at the Intersection of Photography and Printmaking runs from May 11 to June 2 at the FAB Gallery, with an extended exhibition in Gallery A at the Telus Centre and a companion show at...

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