Issue: 2019.3


Printmaking processes can be materially fragile: litho stones break in the press, silkscreens rip open mid-edition, and the malleable surface of etched copper plates begin to break down during printing. All the ways of eking out a living as an artist can also feel fragile, precarious, and oftentimes not even possible. The content and contributions for this edition of SNAPline reached much further, filling out this issue with a nuance and attention to detail that we are proud to publish. SNAPline featured artist Miguel A. Aragón’s energy is obvious in the integrity of his work and his ability to create something so moving and thoughtful out of a state of ongoing violence and trauma. Luke Johnson’s visual and written essay The Body in the Library pieces together a fragmented narrative chronicling both the mysterious demise of a librarian and that of the contemporary library itself. In 7012 Amber Maple, Morgan Melenka digs into the fragility of our contemporary built environment, charting the many layers of imitation and fantasy our daily lives are willingly built upon. In the My Process Q&A, SNAP artist Holly de Moissac’s practice connects the vulnerability of the human body to that of the natural world, dealing in metaphors of health care and first aid as tinctures for grief and loss. SNAPline cover image: Miguel A. Aragón, La incidencia del silencio (The incidence of silence), Two-color woodcut collé, 8 × 10 inches, 2019

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SNAP is on the move!

We’ve been through tense and divisive Provincial and Federal elections, massive climate strikes and marches have happened all over the country, and SNAP Gallery & Printshop have had to fast track plans to relocate to a new facility with less...

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work by Holly de Moissac

My Process – Holly de Moissac

Challenging Fragility and Channeling Grief Article by Wendy McGrath Being a fan of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and having just read Jeanette Winterson’s Frankissstein, questions around what is natural and what is unnatural were at the top of my mind when...

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image of Formica

7012 Amber Maple

Richard Artschwager, Piano, melamine and wood, 1964 7012 is the product name for a warm-toned image of maple wood printed and fused to layers of craft paper coated with resin. I am unreasonably obsessed with this product. I order 5"×7"...

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work by Luke Johnson

The Body in the Library

written by Luke Johnson On December 28th, 1936, Ismé Aldyth Hoggan, professor of plant pathology at the University of Wisconsin, agent of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and librarian of a remarkably complete collection of virus literature, died five days...

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Miguel A. Aragón, Embolsado, Woodcut, 22 × 30 inches

Featured Artist: Miguel A. Aragón

SNAPline featured artist: Miguel A. Aragón Miguel A. Aragón is a NYC based artist and educator. His work explores subjects of violence, transient and/or persistent memory, perception and the multiple; he uses erasure as language through the use of processes...

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