Issue: 2018.3

Competition / Collaboration

This edition of SNAPline explores Competition and Collaboration as necessary parts of artmaking. Printmaking is a very collaborative and community-based medium: artists navigate sharing equipment in our Printshop, participate in print exchanges, exhibit work in group exhibitions and support one another in sharing techniques, ideas and concepts. These shared acts and collaborative endeavours create a special community here at SNAP. While artists are working towards the same goals, awards, exchanges, and exhibition opportunities they are also competing for limited opportunities. Competition can create dynamic work and push artists to grow and succeed while also allowing for collaboration and opportunities to lift each other up.

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Interviews with Three Edmonton Art Collectives

by Carolyn Jervis A significant way in which artists collaborate is forming collectives. I interviewed three local groups to learn more about what working together meant for their creative practices. These three groups—Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective, Tennis Club, and aiya合作社—represent...

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Robert Truszkowski

SNAPline featured artist: Robert Truszkowski Robert Truszkowski received a BFA from Queen’s University, and an MFA from Concordia University. He is Associate Professor of Print Media and Head of the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada). From...

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A Shot in the Back: Graeme Patterson’s Competitive Edge

by Ray Cronin The most disturbing scene in Graeme Patterson’s large sculptural installation Secret Citadel happens in the video incorporated into the sculpture Camp Wakonda. The two main protagonists are engaged in what seems to be a friendly archery competition,...

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The Value of Competition

by Michelle Schultz Productive competition creates value. It challenges, reveals and amplifies. It pushes and moves forward. Unproductive competition destroys value. It regresses, withdraws and obstructs. The so-called ‘art world’ swarms with competition between artists, galleries, curators, writers and institutions....

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Disasters of 2K16

Visual Essay & Commentary by Brad Fehr In professional wrestling, violence is mediated by cooperation. Both parties work towards a negotiated end, permitting the other to do violence to them. The resulting spectacle is played as genuine competition. This play...

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Our Process – Norton (Sara Norquay & Mark Dutton)

by Wendy McGrath In my collaborations with printmaker Walter Jule and the band Quarto & Sound, I valued how these projects plucked me out of the writer’s self-imposed isolation. As I met with Sara Norquay and Mark Dutton to discuss...

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