Issue: 2019.1


Throughout this edition of SNAPline we’ve strived to reach a diverse range of voices and connect to ideas, philosophies, and practices of and about colour. These contributions go from the very local, as our feature Print Artist Taryn Kneteman reveals, to personal stories of identity & discovery in the works of Mitchell Chalifoux and Braxton Garneau. Anong Beam’s writing and generous sharing of family history tell a story of pigment discovery, creation, and the indigenization of naming, pointing to a difference in knowing a colour’s name to experiencing a colour through all senses past and present. The words and images shared within these pages speak to a connectivity to the power of expression found in colour in profoundly personal ways, yet the inky draw down applications illustrated in Barbara Balfour’s writing will summon in any printmaker a connection to their materials, that perfect meditative place of mixing ink, when you are anticipating the creation of an image before the potential anxiety and frustrations of actually making it so. From all of us at SNAPline, enjoy the Colour issue!

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Gathering Colour

by Anong Migwans Beam Many of my earliest memories are encountering colour with my parents, both practicing artists, and learning to know them as forces, personas with emotions and powers all their own. At three years old, I remember standing...

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On the Arrival of Glass Bookshop

by Charlie Crittenden “We need to open a bookshop,” Jason Purcell said to Matthew Stepanic over a glass of wine in the spring of 2018. “It needs to be an accessible space, and it needs to be a place where...

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Belle of the Blue Balls

by Mitchell Chalifoux Meet Belle of the Blue Balls, a vampish lady of the court. Modeled after turn-of-the-century female aristocrats, old Hollywood heroines, and your grandmother in her younger years, she exists as one of the now conventional femininities of...

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Spectral Apostrophe

by Barbara Balfour Typographic interpretations of colour by Sergio Serrano.   I want to believe the fiction, in fiction, that the author is speaking directly to you, the reader. Even if I know it not to be true, I’m often...

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Taryn Kneteman

SNAPline featured artist: Taryn Kneteman Taryn Kneteman lives and works in Edmonton, Canada. She holds a BFA in Art and Design from the University of Alberta and makes artwork in and between print, sculpture, and video. Past exhibitions include Breathing,...

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