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Aug 3 - Sep 8, 2018
10123 121 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 3W9

Wed-Fri | 12pm – 6pm
Sat | 12pm – 5pm

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Doilies the meaning of life presents a series of relief prints that recombine recycled and collected textiles as assemblages to explore interiors, objects, and iconography as subject matter. Like a storybook, the relief prints form a narrative about a woman in mid-life considering her past experience, contemplating the future, and relating a personal perspective of her life and dreams. The imagery examines symbolism, traditions, and stereotypes. Intimate and personal motifs such as a ring, mirrors, and celebratory cake, as well as still life interiors, lamps, and afghan blankets are symbols of ontological formation.

By sourcing previously owned textiles that are hand-made and used, these materials possess meaning. As foundational fabrics in the prints, textiles signify cultural traditions and crafting techniques that are concurrently historical and presently practiced; in this way time and space collapse resulting in collaborations with unknowing participants. I approach my practice as both curator and artist to augment the beauty of these articles, recompose them, and represent them within the context of contemporary printmaking. Of all the printing techniques that fall under the printmaking umbrella, relief printing is most often considered a craft based practice. This work is a pastiche of kitsch objects and shared experiences, and will hopefully be understood with a sense of humour.

The work embodies histories of individuals and cultures that traditionally embraced textile based production. These craft practices are private rituals in which the creators engaged as a form of introspection, community building, labor and decoration for beautifying their domestic space. Printing is durational, performative, and requires patience: my process conceptually connects to the makers of the hand-made textiles to create a temporal relationship. This series can be considered contemporary folk art and explores my current research in printmaking and contemporary Arts & Crafts practices.




Doilies the meaning of life is supported with funding from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.



Wendy Tokaryk has devoted her artistic practice to exploring and developing skills in a wide range of contemporary and historic printmaking mediums, as well as the craft of handmade paper. Wendy Tokaryk received an MFA (printmaking) from the University of Calgary, a Studio Art honours degree (BFA with distinction), and a BA Honours in Art History from the University of Saskatchewan. Her projects and exhibitions have been supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Canada Council for the Arts. Wendy is the Print & Paper Facilitator supporting Visual Arts Residencies at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Opening Reception: August 3, 7-9 pm.

Artist talk: August 3, 6-7pm.

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