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Feb 15 - Mar 23, 2013
10123 121 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 3W9

Wed-Fri | 12pm – 6pm
Sat | 12pm – 5pm

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Artist Statement:

Our meaningful interactions within the realm of the Other define and develop who we are as social and cultural individuals. Other refers to everything peripheral to one’s self, self being who we are as developed through our personal, familial, and social conditioning. My work represents an exploration into the structure of social connectedness versus belonging. Through our meaningful interactions as a social group we hold great creative potential. Potential that is much larger than each of us as individuals.

We have never been more connected, however, we also find ourselves in a time when much of our connection lacks meaning. Our sense of belonging and meaningful connection has been all but set aside in favor of quick interactions. Without the sense of belonging there is no reason to spend the time to develop actual relationships.

Although there is a growing emphasis on self, this emphasis is more focused on the asser¬tion of our individual persona and less on the understanding of one’s self. As empathy is the ability to mirror ourselves in our fellow persons and get an idea of what they may be going through, it stands to reason that without empathy to give us an understanding of Other, we are left with little sense self.

Will we allow our connections to become meaningful and add new dimension and a sense of belonging to our lives, or will they simply remain as empty connections lost in the again and again of the everyday?

Again and Again is a continuation of a body of work that I have been exploring since early 2011. The exhibition looks at the nature of interaction through collaborative works stamped directly onto the gallery walls using a variety of hand cast rubber stamps, as well as number of more traditional printmaking works on paper and panel.

For the interactive work, I ask that the viewer assist me in the creation of large scale works, printed directly on the wall. Using stamps, the viewer will add on to existing works. In the end, compositional choices and densities of the work will act as a visual representation of our engage¬ment with one another.

The more traditional printmaking work leaves behind the edition in favour of the multiple and module. Because of the variability in module installation and the interactive components, the body of work will never be displayed the same way twice. Just as we continually adapt and evolve, so does the nature of the work. Work is displayed unframed, either mounted on panels, or hung with magnets directly on the wall. In this way the materiality and physical connection with the work are enhanced. The pieces requiring interaction to be complete, or exist at all, will vary drastically depending on attendance and physical engagement of the audience. This serves as a visual metaphor for the relationship of self and the Other. Neither one can have the experience that the work creates without the other.

Thank you for printing with me.

– Sukha Worob

Opening Reception: February 15, 7–9 pm.

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