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Jun 6 - Jun 22, 2013
10123 121 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 3W9

Wed-Fri | 12pm – 6pm
Sat | 12pm – 5pm

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Artist Statement:

Reality and fantasy blend together as Neon Kohkom combines photo sources and painting techniques to create unique mixed medium images that she calls living art. Many of the animals she paints have a spiritual quality with the power to heal hearts and spirits. She sees the uniqueness in every living being as a momentary gift to be treasured. And so it is this need to encapsulate the life force, to enhance and celebrate it.


Neon Kohkom lives in the middle of a forest in the high country of North-Central Canada. It is the wild beauty of her surroundings that inspires her digital paintings of wildlife and nature. She grew up in Southern Canada and has been creating since childhood, always drawing, painting or making something. She has enjoyed many creative adventures, including sculpting, stained glass art, being an authentic Native artisan through a spiritual association, and a graphic artist.

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