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Nov 24
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Join artists Marilène Oliver and Helen Gerritzen for an informal talk of their processes and work in the exhibition Brains and Breasts: Omitted Anatomies. The talk will be led by Dr. Lianne McTavish, Professor, History of Art, Design and Visual Culture, University of Alberta.


About the Talk:

Historically printmaking has played an integral role in the dissemination, and arguably the generation of anatomical knowledge. Andreas Vesalius’ woodcuts, Jacques Fabien Gautier & Agoty’s mezzotints and Jan van Riemsdyk engravings are perfect examples of where anatomy and printmaking have come together to generate masterpieces that continually inspire in both scientists and artists. Contemporary methods of capturing and disseminating anatomical imagery are split second, superfast recordings/measurements of the anatomical body produced and reproduced by machine. Although much is gained for both science and the arts with these technologies, it undoubtedly endangers the slow, considered look and the long, slow and considered creation of the anatomically vulnerable body that printmaking affords.