Kyla Fischer

Artist in Residence
2023 SuperTrain Artist in Residence
A Thousand Dots are Blue: The silhouette of a leaf in dark, navy blue on light beige, textured paper. The serrated edge of the leaf is slightly worn, and within the silhouette are many small, faint circles within the heavy blue.

Kyla Fischer received her Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of Alberta in 2007. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in such countries as Turkey, Germany, and India and has received several artist residencies in Europe and Canada. Kyla is inspired by the beauty of nature, from the smallest detail to the larger expanse of the surrounding environment. Organic patterns and objects are abstracted through drawing, photography, fibre manipulation or printmaking processes. Her artistic themes focus on the fragility of life, cycles of growth and decay, and the flow of time from one moment to the next.

“My motivation is to present work that directs the audience toward nature’s beauty while providing an opportunity for re-connection with the natural environment.”

A headshot of Kyla Fischer, with dark brown greying hair and black rimmed glasses smiling at the camera

Kyla Fischer will be working with Helen Gerritzen and creating work for the SuperTrain Residency, an initiative in partnership with the Edmonton Arts Council and Pattison Outdoor Advertising.