Haylee Fortin

Artist in Residence

Haylee Fortin is an Edmonton based painter, new media artist and printmaker. Graduating with distinction from the University of Alberta’s Fine Art program in 2015, Haylee has since pursued an interest in art as a means of community engagement with local artist run centres. Through her position as studio assistant, Haylee supports programming for artists with developmental disabilities at the Nina Haggerty Center and contributes to arts initiatives on Alberta Avenue.

“My work often investigates the constructed nature of the spaces and interactions we make for ourselves. Through gathering and fragmentation of images from online forums I look for the honesty our performed self-depictions betray. There is an element of truth in the way we mediate our experience of the world which can be comedic, beautiful and painful. Within my practice I utilize painting, collage and new media to address themes of femininity in Western Canadian hunting culture.”