Callum McKenzie

Artist in Residence
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Callum McKenzie (he/they) is an Edmonton-based emerging artist, designer and art framer. They earned their Bachelor of Design in Printmaking from the University of Alberta. Callum’s art practice draws on his experiences as a queer, non-binary person with ADHD. Through a variety of media such as book arts, printmaking, painting, drawing and collage, they explore the intersections of masculinity, sexuality, mental health and vulnerability. Callum has shown his work in a number of curated shows and exhibitions including Inner Space in FAB Gallery, Incidental Folds in SNAP Gallery and the 2019 Royal Bison Fair in Edmonton.

Christmas 01 September 19 1

As part of the Emerging Artist in Residence program at SNAP Gallery, Callum is eager to expand his repertoire of printmaking skills and techniques. They intend to build upon their body of undergraduate work while exploring the implications and impacts of their recently diagnosed ADHD.